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Post  PatrickPwn on Tue Jun 02, 2009 6:49 pm

IGN: Patrick
Real Name : Patrick A.K.A "Pat"
Age: 16
TimeZone: EST
Matureaty Level: 7/10

Email: Patrickpwn@live.com

My Names Patrick You, Can Call Me Pat Or Patty Ect,
I Live In Brampton,Ontario
I Am Very Mature And Can Help The Server

How Would I Benifit The Server?
First Of All, I Would Be Able To Ban Hackers, And Report Hackers
I Am Very Experinced, I Know How To Use Gm Commands And Would Need No Training With Commands,
I Also Can Put ADS In Other Servers,
I Can Vote For Our Server Over 100 Times a Day With A Program Called "XTREMETOP100PWNED.exe"
Its Not Released I Made It,
I Can Jail Spammers, Swearing If Needed, I Can Explain To Players Servers Terms Of Use, Ect,
I Can Also Be A Very Courdiust Person,
And I Can Help Out New Joiners, And Also Can Be a Very Genorus Person,
I Also Have a Possitive Additude,

Do I Have GM Experince?
I Know All Commands And i Know Some Codes For Items Of Heart and Monster Codes,

Silver Slime - 9400203
Bigfoot- 9400575

I Know Commands,
Heres List

!ban Bans A Person
!dc Disconnects a Player
!item - Makes A Item Provide a Code
!gmshop - Opens Up GM Shop
!misc - Opens A Misc Shop
!glimmer - Opens a Glimmer Shop
!goto FM - Sends U To FM
!goto Henesys - Sends U To Henesys
!warp <IGN> - Warps you to a players
!warphere <IGN> - Warps someone to where you are
!buffme - buffs me

AND I Know more,

[u]How Active Am I?[/u]
Im Not Gonna Be Active For a Bit Right Know,
Ill Be Active Soon,
If Ima A GM I Can Be On For About 5-7 Hours DAILY,
I Have Alot Of Spear Time On My Hands,
On Weekends
I Could Possibly Be On For The Whole Weekend
And I Can Do More

[u]Why Pick Me?[/u]
Lemme Think Why Should You Pick Me,
You Should Pick Me
Because Im Friendly I Am Also Use To Being GM On Servers,
I Am Experinced and Hopeing To Learn some JAVA Scripts/Coding In a Month Or So.
I Will Be Able To Edit Sites Soon,
I Also Can Bring
100 People Into There Server With MY Voting
Service and also I Can Guarentee That i Will Not Break The
GM Terms and Use/Rules

Thanks For Looking At My APP,
Hope To Be a Gamemaster And Help The Server Out Alot!



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Post  Garret on Thu Jun 11, 2009 4:11 pm

I will be turning in the server to nexon to get it shut down,
due to random bann and abuse of People using GM powers and people being rude,hateful,and retarted fag fuckers.

I am sorry if you do not want the server to be turned in but i hate bud for being a nipple sucking saggy dick fucker. good BYE

P.S: Jimmy i kno why you dislike the server to ^^!

KK ima go send this to nexon and post it on Nexon forums

Thank you for reading!

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