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Post  rayxd12 on Tue Jun 02, 2009 9:39 pm

Real Name: Raymond
Age: 13
Ign: Raymond
Time Zone: eastren

My Name Is raymond,
I Live In toronto, canada
I Am 13, And You Can Contact me on MSN sasuke-uzumaki@hotmail.com

How will i Benefit the sever?
If iam a Gm i would try my hardest to help players in anyway i can.
I can also ban advertizers from other severs. And jail swearers or curseing people.
i can also host very fun events.
Iam very friendly and get along great with alot of people on Mynoritystory
I might beable to advertize for the sever.
I can find hackers or Spammers and ban them.

Do i have gm experince???

i was a gm in one sever but it got shut down 2 days after i did. and sadly of my glad moment of becomeing gm i do not have proof. Sad

Am i active?

Yes iam active, on weekdays iam active i go on every day. weekends i go on alot more because i have no life so i go on noritystory Very Happy

Events i do??

I do events such as
Jump Quest
beautyfull/ugly contest
hide and seek


Iam very nice guy, iam not a jerk, i do what ever i can to help out friends. iam more active and hyper type of person.

Thanks a bunch for takeing your time to read my GM APP. i hope to be a GM and help our noritystory.

P.S Raymond Very Happy


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Raymonds Gm App Empty Re: Raymonds Gm App

Post  Garret on Thu Jun 11, 2009 4:10 pm

I will be turning in the server to nexon to get it shut down,
due to random bann and abuse of People using GM powers and people being rude,hateful,and retarted fag fuckers.

I am sorry if you do not want the server to be turned in but i hate bud for being a nipple sucking saggy dick fucker. good BYE

P.S: Jimmy i kno why you dislike the server to ^^!

KK ima go send this to nexon and post it on Nexon forums

Thank you for reading!

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