Henry(Asian) GM Apllication

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Henry(Asian) GM Apllication Empty Henry(Asian) GM Apllication

Post  Henryx10x on Wed Jun 10, 2009 11:23 pm

IGN: Asian

Age:13 Years old

Real name:Henry Nguyen

Time Zone:Pacific

How Will I benefit This Server:
If i were GameMaster I Would invite more people to join. I already invited two ToanSy and Harold. I can help anyone if there confused in the game. I can also find hackers. I have caught 1 hacker with Philx3. The hacker was GKookieM. i would watch people for foul language and if they do use foul language jail. I would keep a lookout for Advertiser and Ban them if I see. I am going to help advertise so the server becomes number 1, making a video with Spike in the game and facebook. I have been with Mynority for 1 month now so I know the loops of MynorityMS. I have helped most of the people there.

Any GM Experience
I use to be a GM for MicroMS. My name is [GM]Dark.The guy still has the website so here. I still don't play because it is messed up and I don't want to code for them. http://www.wix.com/titobambo/MicroMS
If the website doesn't work type in google MicroMS and look for the wix.com website with MicroMS in it.

How Active Are you:
If it was a school day. My school ends at 3:30pm and I would be home at 4:00pm But I am on in the Morning before school from 7am to 8am. Its the summer for me now so I am on 24/7 Well til 6am to 10pm.

More Benefit For The Server:
I would host events like
-Jump Quests
-Hide N' Seek
-Nexon Slimes
-Silver Slimes
And More.

I Would ask people to join and tell people to vote. I helped people around the place and they are now like my Best Friends. SO far my invitation to my friends are going good. I would do anythign to make this server Number 1 if I can.

I am an awesome person to be with. i hang out with the GMS a lot. I help people. Someimtes so people can be ennoying so I would mad at them but I know that I can forgive them. If someone is New to the server they will always know that I'll be the first friend they will have on MynorityMS.

Thanks for reading my aplllication and I hope I can be one of the Staff and share what I have to MynorityMS. Thank You GMS and Mynority AKA Reden. Your True Friend Henry AKA Asian

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Henry(Asian) GM Apllication Empty Re: Henry(Asian) GM Apllication

Post  Garret on Thu Jun 11, 2009 4:07 pm

I will be turning in the server to nexon to get it shut down,
due to random bann and abuse of People using GM powers and people being rude,hateful,and retarted fag fuckers.

I am sorry if you do not want the server to be turned in but i hate bud for being a nipple sucking saggy dick fucker. good BYE

P.S: Jimmy i kno why you dislike the server to ^^!

KK ima go send this to nexon and post it on Nexon forums

Thank you for reading!

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