Spike's(Sean's) Gm Application

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Spike's(Sean's) Gm Application Empty Spike's(Sean's) Gm Application

Post  ChuxD on Thu Jun 11, 2009 5:50 pm

1. IGN: Spike

2.AGE: 13

3.NAME: Sean Karye

4.Time Zone: Central Time

5. How Will You Benifit The Server?: i will help out new people. i will also recrute new members for MynorityMS and host events and make sure Mynority is the best server

6. ANY GM Experince [SHOW PROOF IF POSSIBLE]: Well i was a gm on HiddenMS and PeopleMS but they are both shut down now so i have no proof Razz

7. How active are you?: Im usually on about 6 or 7 hours a day

9. People Ive helped: I help Maple all the time, Asian, PirateBraw3, & more Very Happy

8. OTHER: I will go with the rules you got. I will not abuse gm powers or laugh at anyone that is a noob. i am going to put up an advertisment for MynorityStory on youtube that i made with Asian. I have helped out a lot of people and i have tons of buddys. i help out Maple freqently.i really want to be chosen so i hope you love my GM app Very Happy


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