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Post  countryboi on Sun Jun 14, 2009 10:05 am

Name: Jon

IGN: JonLight

TimeZone: Est

TIME ON: 4-6 hours a day now that its summer break much longer like 6-7
EXp: ive been playing private servers for 2 years now ive been admin in 3 other servers Iheartstory,ferraristory,and dmunity. i know all the gm and admin commands. Ive owned my own ps myself called LightMs but NEXON closed me down since then ive been helpin other servers out tryin to find the server i can fit into and i know that this is the server for me!!!
How would i help the server?: i would bring more fun to the server i would do my events JQ H&S and exp events are my known events i do. i will not only make it fun but follow the rules as well and make sure that everyone is following the rules. i would also do everything i could to help the population and lettin everyone know that mynoritystory is here and the best. i would never betray, diss, ban,anyone who didnt deserve it unless i was just messin around with them. ill make sure that all new commers have money by checkin !online for new pplz and warp to them and give them 500mil id grant all the wishes of those who ask for things but only the ones im allowed to do. ill have respect for all the players no matter the attitude they give me.
What would you do if you saw a hacker?: i would ban them instantly NOONE should be hackin on a NO HACKING server!

What would you do if someone was insulting a gm admin or the server?: i would jail them for insutling a gm or admin but if contuious i would BANN
Other: im very nice person i love to talk and have fun. but when it comes to rules i dont play around if you break the rule srry i cant help you on that one your getttin the punishment either way.


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