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Whats The Servers Rates?

Is MynorityStory 24/7?
Yes, We Are, 24/7 Dedicated

Do I Need Hamachi For MynorityStory?
No, We Arent Hamachi Server

What Is The Starter Kit?
Zakum Helmet, Pink Adventurer Cape, And 2 Items Of The Job You Pick

What Is A Donator?
A Donator Is Someone Who Gifts Money To Us"

Whats Soo Good About A Donator HUH?
Donators Got ALOT More
Godly Donator Equipment

What Kind Of System Do We Have?
We Had Chix System, We Our Making Cookie System

Is There Any Custom Items Out?
No, Were Working On It Heres a Preview: http://Customitemsformynority.piczo.com

Do We Get GM Hats?
No, Only Donators If Donate Alot Of Money,

Is Hacking Allowed?
No, We Dont Tollerate Hacking AT ALL,

If I Hack Will I Be Banned?
Yes, Our AutoBan Will Ban You,

How Much Is NX?
750m Per 5k Nx,

Where Do I Find All-In-One-Shop?
You Find It In FM Or Type @fmnpc

Where Do I Find Monsters?
In Normal MS Maps, Or Freemarkets 1-20

How Do I Get To Diffrent Places?
For all In 1 Warper Type .@Fmnpc

Wheres NX Shops?
We Have NO Nx Shops Only Cash Shop

How Do I Get NX?
FROM Events,BUying,

Is There 2x EXP AND 2X DROP Cards?
Yes, But We Arent Giving Out Yet

Do Pets Work?
No Not From CashShop.

How Do We Get GM Scrolls?
From GMS, Only If U Win Somthing Like BIG Events.

How Long has This Server Been Up?
For About 2 Weeks.

Were Do I Find GM Names?
In Forums MynorityStory Support & Help ::> GM List > Closest To Top GM LIST

What If I Need a GM?
Chances are Gms are gonna Be Busy,
They Will Respond If Its REALLY Important If Not Post On Forums

Where Do i Find Zakum?
In Zakums Altar

Wheres Horntail?
In Normal Place Where Horntail Is in GLOBAL MS,

Wheres Commands?
In MynorityStory Support & Help :: IronikMS Help And Support > [PLAYER COMMANDS]

Will You Accept Mailed Donations TO a Adress?
NO, We Will Not.

How Do I Donate?
Go Click Donate On Website

How Do i Get Godly Donator Items?
From Donator Points.

What Are Donator Points?
Donator Points Are Points From Donating
20 Dollars = 2 Donator Points

How Many Gms Are There?
8 Gms In Total

Are GM Applications Open?
Yes, There Open..

No, You Need To Show Us Worthness First And NEED A App/active On Server

How Many Events Is There?
A Event Everytime 15 People Online (APROX. Every 5 days)

Is There FOG?
Yes, Every 5 Minutes

Is There AutoBan?
Yes, Ovestly,

How Do I Level?
Kill Monsters

Is There Custom PQS?
Nope , Not Yet Anyways,

Is There PQS Working?
No, There Working Just NPCS Not WOrking,

How Do I Vote?
Go To WEBSITE And Click Vote After Pop up Or Go To This Vote Link : http://www.xtremetop100.com/in.php?site=1132262084
Whats Then Best Guild ?

Credits To
Me [Swagga]


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