DarkRedEyez Gm Application =D

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DarkRedEyez Gm Application =D Empty DarkRedEyez Gm Application =D

Post  DarkRedEyez on Tue May 19, 2009 2:42 pm

1.In Game Name-DarkRedEyez



4.Time Zone-Eastern Timezone

5.How will I benefit the server-I will benefit the server by Banning all hackers that are ruining mynority ms.And also not just that.I will help this server grow and become more fun and awesome.I will help maplers with there problems and host events.Im good at solving maple problems =D.And i could tell all my friends and people to join this server and help it grow.Also i will tell everyone to vote for mynority ms SO that it will become the best server ever.Go Mynority MS.Rules

6.Do i have Gm Experience-Yes i do have gm experience in a couple of servers.Like 5 servers

7.How active am i-I am very VERY active.I can be on whenever i want.

8.Well all i say is i hope i become a gm.I eager and really want to help this server and make it grow.I am eager to Help as much as possible =D=D=D btw Go MYNORITY MS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very Happy


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