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Heres Some Good Ideas
For Some Commands For GMS/Players
I Hope Some Our Added,

Player Commands
@connected - Shows How Many People Our online.
@fm - Sends You To FM
@henesys - sends you to henesys
@faq - a bunch of faqs
@rates - Tells Them Current Rates.
@fredrick - Opens Shop To Fredrick Which Sells Cookies,Pots,Ect

GM Commands
!appearoffline - Appear Offline To Buddy list and Guild Only Appear Online To GMS.
!cookie <Number> - Gives You A Number Of Cookies
!buff <IGN> - Buffs Someone WITHOUT Hide
!find <IGN> - Finds Where a Person Is E.G !find Swagga Swagga : MAPID : 910000001 "Name Of Map And Code Of Map And Chn"
!pricecheck - Price checks ITEMS When selling TO Players E.G
Selling Summon Rocks and IDK Price Type !pricecheck <CODE> Or Name Or Items And Then It Tells Price "250m For 1000"
!gm - Makes Yourself a SuperGM
!mutemap - Mutes All map
!muteServer - mUTE Server
!hidesmegas - When someone smegas U Cant See.
!Cancel Becuz im noob- cancels event says [EVENT] The Event was Canceled REASON: Becuz im noob


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