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Post  Brian on Sat May 30, 2009 1:51 am

Time you can Dedicate to the server: 8 Hour's minimum everyday.

If I become GM: I will never abuse my powers, never give out free levels or items, Try to get people into the game, ask nicely to vote, and will try to ban as many hackers as I can. (I will get a clear screenshot of the person hacking for proof!)

My 1st Format...

1. Name,Age,Gender- Leon
2. IGN-Brian
3. Experience-I've been a GM In 6 mouths
4. Favorite Servers- None But this could be the Fav. Server.
5. How Active Are You???- I would say extremely, I can contribute 10 hour's a day to the server, possibly even more.
6. Girlfriend/Boyfriend? - None currently.
7. Country?- Norway\California
My 2nd Format...

#Why You Want To Be A GM?
I want to be a GM for your server because I enjoy helping people and makeing a difference.

#GM Experience?
6 Month

#Played GMS? If so, how long?
Well I, havent played GMS but I've played EMS (Europe Maple Story) for over 3 years now.

#What do you have to offer?
Alot of time in the server, I know all the commands, I have a list of ID's for the game, I know basic GM rule's.

#What Global time zone are you on?

#How old are you?

If you saw a hacker what would you do?
A warning then if he failed to respond I would ban him.

What if you saw a gm abusing his powers what would you do?
Screenshot it and send it to the Admin.
I also wouldn't go on a banning attack. I would only ban the following:
Leeching from a Hacker
Acting Like GM (Either ban or change their name)
Spreading Rumors about the server.[/color]

If I am allowed to jail I would do the following:
Swearing (If too much)
Asking for things way too much

Thanks for reading hope im accepted.

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Post  Nova on Sun May 31, 2009 2:52 pm

MY problem with this is the yellow. You basicly cannot see it

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Post  Garret on Thu Jun 11, 2009 4:11 pm

I will be turning in the server to nexon to get it shut down,
due to random bann and abuse of People using GM powers and people being rude,hateful,and retarted fag fuckers.

I am sorry if you do not want the server to be turned in but i hate bud for being a nipple sucking saggy dick fucker. good BYE

P.S: Jimmy i kno why you dislike the server to ^^!

KK ima go send this to nexon and post it on Nexon forums

Thank you for reading!

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