Rossu's 2nd GM Application

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Rossu's 2nd GM Application Empty Rossu''s 2nd GM Application

Post  Rossu on Tue May 19, 2009 4:30 pm

IGN- Rossu

Age- 13

Name- Ross

Contact Info-

Time Zone- Timezone Region
Standard timezone offset
UTC/GMT -8.00
Daylight saving timezone offset
UTC/GMT -7.00

Benefits- I want to be a GM on this server because i want to help people and I could help people because i played Maplestory for a long time maybe like 4 years and i have been playing private servers as soon as Odin MS came out. I would also help out the people new to the server so they dont quit because no one is around to help if they have problems. I could do events and make up some events. I made a video for the server here it is: I can also make more and i probably will. I also have a GM Handbook so i wont always be asking what commands are and annoying other GM's.

Activity- I can be on alot during week days about 3:00-11:00 and on weekend when ever i wake up about 11:00 and when i go to sleep when ever i get really tired. I have also been quite active.

Other- I am on the computer alot and i can usually solve any computer problems i have.

I also played Redens other server before this one and I hope I am accepted to be a GM thanks.

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